You Won't Believe These Current Events! (Videos) Mr Doom Jason A Watchman
5-27-17 Dynamite compilations! Shocking current global events. The Day of the Lord is at hand are you ready? From Mr Doom [SIGNS OF THE TIMES] ISRAEL TAKES STEP TOWARD REBUILDING THE THIRD TEMPLE! From Jason A (Check back around 7-8 pm) From Mr Watchman End Times Signs: Latest Events (May
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Ancient Bones Long Buried During Noah's Flood by Sediment Which Became Rock Over Thousands of Years Have Been Located and Live DNA Has Been Extracted for Hybridization: As in the Days of Noah so Will it Be in the Days of the Coming of the Son of the Most High!

Denver to provide lockers for city's homeless


“IF” Jesus abolished the LAW -- then --what is the reason for the coming horrendous "Time of the End" ?

The USA Will Become Desolate With Not One Man Left, Wild Animals Will Inhabit Your Abandoned Homes, And The Burning Smoking Land Will Be A Containment Zone For Fallen Angels & Demons!

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2 Texas children die in hot car! Another hot car death: Toddler left in vehicle dies - Be curious!

The Priestly Character of Ad Orientem Worship: Guest Article by Zachary Thomas (Part 3)

In Genoa, Pope challenges workers, religious and youth

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The Kind Of People God Chooses: Dewey Bertolini

First Reading: Acts 18:23-28

Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 47:2-3, 8-10

Gospel: John 16:23-28

Through My Bible Yr 3 – May 27

St. Augustine of Canterbury

The USA Is The Epicenter Of Biblical Endtime Prophecy Because The Tribe Of Judah Is Secretly Located Within Its Borders.

I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God - The Trinity Deception Exposed